Caring and Nurturing

We see every person as a young sapling and our motto is "Caring and Nurturing" for every one of these saplings to strengthen their roots and allow their flowers to blossom. We care and nurture the potential that is in them, channeling it into skills that would be useful for daily living and future vocational skills.

More about Sapling trust

Mombasa and the Coast region as a whole has not had an all embracing facility providing a wide range of holistic services for children with special needs under one roof. Sapling Trust Foundation is a one stop centre offering Special Needs Education through the Individualised Education Programme, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Nutrition Advice, Speech Therapy, Braille, Sensory Integration Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Music, Vocational Training, Counseling for children and families, Parental Support Group sessions and the list continues. These are all important aspects in rehabilitation of children with special needs to help them live better lives and to assist and support their families in the challenges faced in caring for children with special needs. In its short time of existence Sapling has already reached out to families in different parts of Mombasa and the Coast region and the children are blossoming under the care and support received at Sapling.

Sapling offers a unique service in a friendly and supportive environment. Every child is assessed individually by a team that represents all the different disciplines, that is a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, a nutritionist, a special needs educator and a medical doctor. A program for rehabilitative therapy is then planned that fits the individual's unique needs.


Sapling Trust Foundation was founded in December 2010 by a group of parents who have children with special needs and felt the difficulties of having to travel all the way to Nairobi for special therapy for their children. This was expensive and furthermore it was tiring for the children. After much ground work and research they realized that there were many other parents facing similar challenges. For some parents the expenses involved in travelling regularly to Nairobi were prohibitive and many such children ended up suffering for lack of rehabilitative therapy.

At Sapling we recognize that effectively caring for children with special needs requires the participation of the professional care givers, the family and the community as a whole. We therefore work closely with Pediatricians and other Medical Practitioners within the Coast region. We have special community outreach programs where we sensitize the community to identify children living with special needs and encourage them to bring them out for rehabilitative therapy.

We believe that every child or person with a special need, however severe, can be rehabilitated in a supportive and loving environment.

Sapling Trust Foundation's centre is situated in Nyali area of Mombasa, on Chui Road, off Links Road. It is surrounded by lovely gardens, a play ground and a therapy swimming pool. Special facilities include therapy rooms, play areas, a Sensory Integration Room in addition to cheerfully decorated classrooms.

Teachers and teaching assistants are specially trained for Special Needs Education and work in collaboration with the Centre's physiotherapists, occupational therapists, sensory integration therapists, speech therapist and nutritionist.

To be the leading organization in providing timely and consistent care to people with Special Needs.

Our mission is to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment where the talents of each individual with special needs is recognized and each will have the opportunity to achieve his or her highest potential and make his/her best contribution to society.

· To avail rehabilitative services to everyone who needs it at an affordable price
· To help children with special needs to achieve their highest potential in a supportive and friendly environment.
· To teach children with special needs skills and values that will enable them to lead enjoyable and productive lives.
· To advocate for and create awareness amongst parents, minders and the general public on the conditions affecting children with special needs and ensuring that their rights are being met.
· To provide psychological support for parents of children with special needs through regular guidance and counseling and an active Parents' Support Group.

At Sapling we believe that every child is unique and has an in-born talent and potential that can enrich the society and humanity as a whole.